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Jiyalal, Born in 1191 as the first son of Mr. LakshmanSahKanu and Mrs. Sona Devi in Piparaviilage of Baragadhi Rural Municipality of Bara district JiyalalSah is a professional photographer and video journalist based in Birgunj, Nepal working as reporter for AP1 HD Television. Shah is currently perusing Masters in Sociology HariKhetan Multiple College, Birgunj.  Shah has been working as journalist since a decade years with a number of National level television channel including Avenues Television, a number of Newspapers like HimalKhabarand Nepali Times, some local online portals and FM stations.        Shah is a self-taught photographer and video journalist, being a skilled photographer he is highly passionate to learn the new entices in the field of photo journalism. His photo news, articles and bytes have been widely featured not only in local, national and international media like Associated Press, The Hindu, Reuters and The Mail. Along with this he is widely recognized media-persona and has been bestowed with many accolades and prizes for this work including the Subodh Memorial Photo Journalism Award of 2013 and PJ Club Award 2016. Contact - Birgunj, Nepal. Cell +9779845233923, Email:- sahjiyalal@gmail.com www.merosamay.com

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Martyrs wife in grief

Interacting with Madheshi martyr Birbal Mukhiya’s wife in Pokhariya. She was sharing her struggle after her husband’s death. Her only son doesn’t earns much...

दुर्गम गाऊँ शिकारीबास, अप्ठेरो र असहज जीवनबाट मुक्ति दिलाईदिन स्थानीयको आग्रह

फागुन, पर्सा । ‘पर्सा जिल्लाको तस्तो गाऊँ जहाँ सिटामोल किन्न दिनभर लाग्छ’ सुन्दा अपत्यार लाग्न सक्ला तर देशकै आर्थिक भारको जिम्मेवारी सम्भालेको पर्सा जिल्लाकै शिकारीबासको...